Find a Zempire Tent on display near you

Find a Zempire Tent on display near you

Have you been looking at a Zempire tent or Zempire shelter online but just can’t make your mind up until you see it in the flesh? While looking through videos on our website and YouTube channel is helpful, we understand that some of our Zempire Family just need to physically walk through, feel, and get a visual of our tents and shelters before deciding what to get.


Good news! Our awesome retail partners across New Zealand have kindly let us know which Zempire tents and camping shelters they have pitched on display. These are ready for you to view and walk through for the upcoming NZ camping season so you can make the perfect choice for your camping holidays, especially if you aren’t familiar with our extensive range of tents and camping shelters.

Check out our products below and which respective stores have them on display, bearing in mind that these displays can change throughout the camping season. We’d recommend you call beforehand and ask if the tent or shelter you’re keen to view is still on display.

Also, keep in mind that our tent series can be quite similar. So, say you’re after an Evo TL v2 but your local store only has an Evo TM v2 on display… we’d still recommend taking a walk-through and grabbing a tent range comparison chart in-store. It’s easy to envision a size up or down in the series you’re looking at, or even across ranges like the Pro & Evo Series since they have very similar dimensions.

Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, you can find the store address here.

Don’t forget, you can also view our range of tents at select Northern Brave home matches this summer in Hamilton and Mount Maunganui. Some of our retailer partners will also be running special Zempire tent expos too which may see more products on display. See here for more info.


So head on in to one of our amazing retail partners to get a good look at your new Zempire addition. We regularly visit our partner’s stores across New Zealand so we hope to see you in one this camping season!